Rewarding others for whatever reason is a tricky affair most of the times. A particular category of people comes to mind -the stay at home dad who wants no gift. Picking the perfect gift may prove challenging for any person, but even harder to stay at home dads. We have compiled a list of a few items that may solve this problem.

  1. Apple Streaming Puck

Considering the average stay at home dad spends most of his time in the house, it is important to invest in a gift that factors this. Apple streaming pack offers entertainment from dads iTunes playlist, top shows on Netflix, videos and camera roles from his device.

After a long day of running up and down with kids, nothing calms you down like watching television catching up on the latest episodes of series or movies. Better yet, listening to your playlist while cleaning the house. Even more magical about this gift, is it comes at an affordable price of $69.

  1. Barbeque Grill

A smoker is an ideal gift for home dads. Forget the hassle involving transporting it. Nothing makes a perfect weekend when the entire family is busy sampling dads’ new smoker on your back yard.

Unfortunately, you need to have a place to fix your grill for those yummy ribs. If your stay-at-home dad lives in an apartment or condo well this is a definitely not the ideal gift.

  1. Programmable Thermostat

Granted the amount of time he spends in the house, it’s only logical to invest in a thermostat to make the house more habitable. Thermostats are important gadgets to have at home. There are several brands and models in the market that you can choose.

A digital touch programmable thermostat that is compatible with Amazon echo would be preferable compared to the buttoned option. He doesn’t need to walk up to the thermostat constantly pressing buttons to get desired climatic setting.

  1. Shaving Kit

Staying at home has its benefit of not demanding when it comes to grooming. It is easy to get lost in the daily household chores at the expense of looking good. A quick search in Amazon should present you with a list of shavers that you can buy. Electric razors should be hard to find. You need to invest in a stylish design yet effective in grooming for dad

  1. Dinner Treat

Considering the “giftee” in question here spends most of his time at home, a change of environment would be worthwhile. One option is going out to break the monotony of staying at home. A visit to your favourite restaurant would be a perfect gift.

But then again you can use this gifting as an opportunity to simple or try something new. Ensure that it is fun and memorable. Doing this definitely remind him of the appreciation of his work. You can make the experience memorable by adding a little twist of a new shirt or shoe to wear to the dinner.

There you have it. Here are the few suggestions of stay at home dad gifts. Whatever the occasion; whether it is an anniversary or birthday you can never go wrong with these. You can combine two or more gifts in the list the discretion is yours.