10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Marriage is the source to bring close two strangers in our society since ancient. These strangers love so much to each other even they know wishes, needs or will of each other. You celebrate your anniversary every year with the special gift for your wife. But the 10th anniversary has most importance in your life. It is also known as “Tin Anniversary”. Maybe it is difficult to choose a perfect gift for  wife and you were so worrying in choosing the best gift according to your wife choice. Following are few 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her.

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Traditional Gifts for Tenth Anniversary

Tin Made Gifts

Tin is a special item having a number of popular gifts made of it. Tin seems boring but In fact, there are fantastic gifts made of tin which may keep your life partner very glad. Home decor, antiques, and tin made personalized keepsake box gifts are available in the wide variety in the market.


Home Decor


As you have been married for ten years, so you are enjoying each other company. You may give her a DVD having a game or video in it which is made of tin. This video may be of awesome events of your life.



10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her (most popular)

 Aluminum Suitcase

Aluminum Suitcase is a marvelous gift for your spouse on 10th Anniversary event.

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Modern Gifts for Tin Anniversary


A bunch of flowers is the symbol of love and car. Daffodils are an appropriate gift for your 10 year anniversary. Artificial daffodils are also available for those anniversaries which occur in spring.


Household Items

If your wife needs the household item then it will be the best occasion to fulfill her need. Household items include fridges, cookware, coffee maker etc. But these are appropriate if she needs. Sometimes these are boring on such occasion when you have all these items in your home.

surprise gifts for tin


Plan a Visit to a Beautiful Spot

You can buy tickets for a beautiful spot where you both can enjoy each other or you may ask her about her favorite place. A nearby beach having greenery and beautiful seen may be enjoyed and your spouse will like it and will save in his best memories.

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Customized Photo Bag

Handbag and laptop bag can be customized by adding a single photo to the front of a bag. You can add the names of you both, date of marriage and place. It will be the better impression to your wife.



 Silver Jewelry

Jewelry item packed in the tin box may show your feeling to your wife for this nice event. A silver ribbon tied around the tin box would add the right dash of romance. It includes silver bangles, silver necklace and silver rings. As silver is low cost, these gifts are not expensive and anyone can easily afford them. But buy them if your wife likes silver and its maiden gift.

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Diamond Jewelry

Diamond is the fanciful idea of this event. If money has no meaning, it is a great idea to present a diamond gift in the Tenth Wedding Anniversary. These bring the smile on your loving one. It includes necklace, diamond ring etc. These will show your excitements and feel for your wife.  it is the best idea among  10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her.


10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her


Gifts made of tin may be proved best gift for your lover. It is allayed and about 85% of tin with the remainder consists of copper, antimony, Bismuth and sometimes lead. According to the happy anniversary, so the gift is still in “Tin Family”. Sometimes, Silver is also used in Pewter. For more information click here

10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her



Dress for wife

Clothes are the surprising gift for your lover on the anniversary event. You may go to the shopping mall with your wife and buy clothes associated with her choice. When he will wear these clothes, he cannot forget your love and feel for her.


These are few best ideas for 10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her. You may also choose an appropriate gift for your wife according to her need and choice.