wedding photographer  

The photos of your wedding will be the most vivid memory that you will have of your great day so it is important that you hire a good professional. If you do not know how to choose it, take note of these professional tips.

wedding photographer  

There are many things to consider when it comes to finding the right wedding photographer Annabel law for you, of course there are plenty of photographers to choose from and it will be a bit overwhelming at first. So first breathe deeply. Calmly you can choose the ideal photographer for your event.

  1. The right photography style

Consider your style and style of photography that you would like for your wedding day. Do you prefer a traditional style? Photojournalist? Editorial? By defining your preferred style, you can align a photographer with a style and vision similar to yours.

  1. Think about the coverage you need for your event and your budget

Would you like to have coverage from the bride’s arrangement until the first dance? Do you want to receive prints or albums? Write what you absolutely need, what you would like, and what you have always dreamed of. Start considering your budget for photography (normally photography takes 10-12% of your overall budget).

  1. Search, search and search

When you are viewing photographers’ websites, do not forget to visit their blogs and Facebook pages, where they will post their most recent works. Remember that the world is not so big anymore, if you do not find anybody that makes you “sigh” – open your horizons to photographers outside your area. Make a list of photographers that align with your style, your vision, and are around your budget. Make appointments to meet them in person.

  1. Know your complete portfolio

Ask to see several weddings to make sure that the quality of their work is constant and that their images truly reflect the different personalities of each couple.

  1. Search for a connection

It is important that there is a high level of respect and trust so that you feel free to be natural around him or her. A good photographer who is part of your inner circle can create impressive images, full of emotion, and sincere happiness.

  1. Take into account your experience as a wedding photographer

How many years have you been specifically wedding photographer and how many weddings have you taken? Remember that wedding photography is very different from any other type of photography.

  1. Quality and consistency

Make sure that the quality of your images, your prints, and the materials used in the albums is to your liking.

  1. Find out who will take the pictures on your wedding day

There are studies that hire several weddings for the same date and generally do not guarantee a photographer specifically. It is not ideal that if you fell in love with a style, suddenly someone else comes along and you do not know what style you have.

  1. Get your wish list and budget

Although you definitely have to always keep your budget in mind. Keep in mind that your photographer is the seller with the most valuable work of all in the long run. Select your photographer with a balance between numbers and sighs. Keep in mind that many photographers will be willing to design packages specifically for you.

  1. Time to hire and, if possible, in advance

If the photographer is an individual (and not a studio with several photographers) it may not be available. In general, most couples hire their photographer 6 to 9 months in advance.