We know that the success in the organization of every marriage is in finding the best service providers. And among all that list of companies or professionals to hire, the choice of photographer or photographic service for your wedding can mean the contrast between a flat reality and what you idealized. The good professional of the image is an artist, and as such, he knows how to reflect the soul of the couple in a photograph. He draws with the light the spirit of marriage, enlivens it, gives it color, gives it light and reflects what an improvised shot cannot convey.

Wedding Photography Image1

A good photographer communicates that you dreamed of a single image, so finding it can mean an arduous job, like a needle in a haystack. Learn to find them by following these steps recommended by best wedding photography services Singapore:

  1. Budget

In an ideal world, every Peruvian girlfriend would like Mario Testino herself to portray his big day, but since that does not fit any reality, we suggest you start by defining the budget first. This will help them define if they will hire a professional from the big leagues, master, senior or junior. Value the work of the photographer and do not get distracted by discounts because the photographers always have a standard rate that will not decrease easily.

  1. Know your style


Do not set out to interview photographers if you are not clear before what do you want? What will be the style of your marriage? What should be in harmony with the service to hire? For example, if you go for rustic or vintage, from the outset you know that all those elements that will cost you so much to prepare for your decoration should be highlighted in the photographs of your album, yes or yes!

  1. The style of the photographer in harmony with yours

Defined your style you launch yourself in search of the photographer that best works with your style. Whoever comes closest or who you know could adapt to your wedding album imaginary.

  1. What services do you expect to have?

Remember that the photographic record of a marriage can have more than one stage and culminate in the delivery of several products, not just shooting in the air during your big day. The pre wedding sessions for example are a follow-up of the couple during the previous days. The session during the wedding, meanwhile, has a more rigorous procedure, almost dependent on the agenda of the couple. But that does not mean it cannot reflect spontaneity, eye! However, the photos are classic with family, friends, parents, in-laws, at the altar, the car of the couple, the launch of the bouquet, the wedding cake, and other moments to immortalize.

  1. Quantity, quality and prices

In general, the pre and post wedding sessions have fewer number of shots because they are more specific. But during the marriage you can have between 300 to 500 images quietly. The final price will reflect the services contracted, but the greater the number of photos, the greater the budget, do not forget it.

  1. Edited or not

Another aspect that is reflected in the final budget is, if you prefer the processed and retouched photographs or without post-production work. If you want the latter, always prefer that they be registered in RAW format (digital negative) to the JPG, because the first will allow you less loss of quality if you later decide to edit them.

  1. Digital or printed

Wedding Photography Image

The work of an image professional could end with the delivery of a CD containing the images in digital format. It could also culminate with a DVD containing a wedding album with post production. And finally, the printed version whose standard measurements are usually 30cm x 20cm.

  1. Number of copies

You are thinking about a single wedding album or you have more than one copy in mind, digital or printed for your parents, in-laws and people close to you.

  1. Review portfolios

So far you have an idea of ​​what you want, what products in what formats and how many copies. You also know what potential photographers stand out in the style you want for your marriage photo shoot. It is time to review carefully the book of potential suppliers. A professional photographer always has a website where you can find the highlights of his previous work.

  1. First contact and decision making

Establish the first contact by phone and communicate all your expectations. If you feel that it is flowing, ask for an appointment with the photographer to learn about his work. Keep in mind that the professional will accompany you and your boyfriend during their marriage, even before or after, so you should feel confident from the beginning. Before making a decision visit more than one photographer, so you will make a safer decision.