Wedding Photography

So for you to work on it, to create your luck, as true professionals, today I want to share these first 10 tips for pre wedding photographer Annabel law, I’ll tell you more, but for now we’re going with them.

  • Talk to the couple and plan what will happen at your wedding. You must not be one more, you are not a guest, you are the person who will capture in photographs the memories of one of the most important days of your wedding, so you have to be prepared and know all the details. Do not work like your cousin would.


  • Try talking to a close relative, knowing if there will be surprises and at what time. Preparation and involvement is the key to telling all the stories that take place at a wedding.


  • Know well the important details for the couple. Again imply, talk to them, what photography can not miss in your wedding? Who are the most important people for them?


  • You see the place where everything will be celebrated, church, farm, restaurant …And you see in the schedule that will have the light. Know the light and the spaces with which you will work.


  • Check the planning before the day before. Be immersed in all the acts that will take place as if it were your wedding.


  • Prepare and review the equipment the day before. Do things calmly, you have to be focused from the previous 24 hours. Check that you have everything you need, that it works well and that you have a spare in the event of an improvisation.


  • You must train, you cannot investigate the equipment, the camera or the flash that day. Do not leave room for mistakes by improvisation.


  • Plan the wedding day. It works the schedules, the distances between one place and another, the times. Everything! Running that day for a bad forecast, will make your mind is not clear and you can not concentrate to the maximum to perform like a professional photographer.


  • Always have a contingency plan. What if something failed at the last moment? YOU CAN NOT ALLOW IT. So prepare a plan b option b for all the things that may fail. Until the means of transport you are going to use, can you imagine that the car does not start that day?


  • Rest the body and the mind. You have to have all your senses cleared to 100%, leave personal problems behind and be rested. Your mind and body need to be prepared to concentrate and be professional.

Wedding Photography

I think that with these first 10 tips to photograph a wedding you could start to be ready for the day of the link. A wedding photographer not only works on the wedding day, shoots some photos and leaves, everything requires some preparation, training, involvement and professionalism. But of course do not forget to train, in my case every year I attend different workshops, workshops and seminars on wedding photography, this is a constant evolution and good training is essential to grow.