You already have your ring and already celebrated your commitment. Now comes the good: plan your wedding.

The first step is to define the budget and then it is worth starting to dream, and everything starts to take shape when you choose wedding venue. To make this decision we leave you 10 things that you must take into account when choosing Hawaii wedding packages:

1. The noise

If you have always dreamed of a wedding in a vineyard or somewhere outdoors and it turns out that in that place do not allow loud music after 10 pm the place will not work (unless you want to start your party very early) . The same applies if the room or place is in a very noisy area and your music will end up mixed with the mariachi in the next room.

2. The air

Yes, maybe that farm is fabulous but just in the month you want to get married you feel a wind of 100 k / h. It’s not going to work … it’s horrible to have to deal with the air on your veil and hairstyles. Check the weather estimates well for the date you want in the place you are considering. Really girls, the rain is not as much trouble as the air.

3. The number of guests

Make sure that the place you like has enough space for all the guests. And if your wedding is going to be a girl (less than 100 people), look for a smaller and more cozy place so that it does not look empty.

4. Decoration

If you think about putting hundreds of flowers or you want a special arch or an ice sculpture you have to consider the space and the permits of the place to do it.

5. Accesses

It is always well received by the guests that you have contemplated the parking and the arrival options to the place. In the end who wants to accompany you will go even if you marry in a ranch in the middle of nowhere, but if you help your guests to arrive, park and These comfortable will appreciate it. Also consider if you have a family member in a wheelchair, make sure there is an entry form for everyone.

6. The space between tables

Maybe they tell you that if you fit your 30 tables in a relatively small space, but before you take the place away, go and see what it looks like at a wedding with 300 people. If there is no space for waiters to walk between the tables and for guests to walk without colliding with each other, it will not be the best place for the wedding size you are planning.

7. The bathrooms

To marry outdoors or in a hacienda or a garden will be incredible, but consider the theme of the bathrooms, especially for women. There should be enough already at a close distance for all the wedding guests. Remember that with heels, dress and a few glasses on top the subject of the bathroom always becomes a problem. Try to anticipate yourself in this.

8. Hosting options

If your guests will travel to your wedding you need to offer them lodging options, make sure that the place you want to get married has at least 2 hotels with available rooms. And if you find a 3rd option cheaper, your guests will also appreciate it.

9. The logistics of the day

If you plan to hold a civil ceremony at the reception desk or invite a cocktail party to your guests, make sure that it can be done in that place, that the times coincide with what you want to do.

10. Lighting

If you would like to have a romantic wedding with low lights the place should provide you with this atmosphere. The same if you want a wedding day or a cocktail at sunset, check that the place you have in mind has the lighting you want and need.

With this little list in mind you are ready to go to choose the perfect place for your wedding