What to Get for Your Husband on Your First Anniversary

Congratulations!  You have lived together for one year in your married life. In this year, may you discover annoying habits about each other? These habits may be unbearable for you but you compromised and enjoyed the 1st year of your married life. It is definitely a mark of achievement. On this event, mostly couples worry about the gifts for their life partner. Maybe you are among them. Don’t worry; we suggest best gifts for you. A large number of couples go to the gift shops and ask the shopkeeper, what is the best gift for my husband? He confuses because he does not know your husband’s choice. Here we tell you, What to Get Your Husband for Your First Anniversary1st Wedding Anniversary is also known as Paper Anniversary.

What to Get for Your Husband on Your First Anniversary

So the traditional gift for this anniversary is Paper. Gifts made out of paper are no more interesting. Following are few ideas for First Wedding Anniversary.

Traditional Paper Gifts

Famous traditional gifts for this occasion are made out of paper. These include;

Photo in Frame

1st Anniversary Photo Frame

Every couple has the best memories of their marriage in the form of Photo. If you frame this photo in the beautiful golden photo frame and present in a romantic mode, it will be the great present for your husband. You can print a beautiful message, your names and wedding date. These are the best memorable things.

Plane Tickets to Romantic Gateway

Paper Gift

Getting the 1st anniversary is a great achievement for newly married couple. So buy the tickets for romantic gateway where you both can enjoy each other. It is the best gift for What to Get Your Husband for Your First Anniversary.

Event Tickets


Remember the time when he was your boyfriend and asked you to play a game. Give him the ticket in the bottle, wrap them in a big box and let him undress you.

Message in Bottle

1 year

A Message in a bottle makes a beautiful 1st Anniversary gift that you husband can hold as a keepsake to always remember your Paper anniversary gift.

Modern Gifts

clock present

In the United States, modern gift for One Year Anniversary is Clock. If you want to give a modern gift then you have no restrictions.  You may give anything which your Husband likes.

Paper Roses

rose for husband

Flowers are the symbol of love and care. So it is the perfect idea for each anniversary as a modern gift. Many companies are manufacturing paper roses which have the long life. Your husband will remember it for a long period. Paper roses are keeping the traditional theme of paper for 1 year anniversary. 

Best Idea for What to Get Your Husband for Your First Anniversary

Anniversary Book

best for him

A fantastic and marvelous idea for this occasion is the Anniversary book has the three complete recreations of a national newspaper- a newspaper from the wedding date and both couple birth dates. This will memorize the wedding day to the couples.

Personalized Poetry Scrolls

poetry for 1st year

It is the perfect idea to present the love and romance in words in the form of poetry. A poem or poetry in frame shows the best gift for your husband.

These are few famous ideas for 1st Wedding Anniversary but you may buy any item which your husband likes or requires.