Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

So you’re looking for an Engagement Ring to propose to your wife with. When the beauty of a diamond is mentioned, perhaps what comes to your mind is the color and the clarity of the diamond. While these are valid, the two factors cannot be relied upon solely as a base of choosing the best and beautiful diamond. The brilliance and the sparkle of a diamond famously called the light performance of a diamond is the real deal. It what that catches the attention of any buyer or user. When you are posed with the challenging task of picking a diamond with an excellent light performance for your Engagement Ring, here are the three expert tips from Fonder Diamond that will help you make an informed decision.

i.    Consider the cut proportion of a diamond.

This the first consideration to make. The diamond should be graded excellent her polish, cut and symmetry. A diamond with a good polish, cut and symmetry is considered to be superior to others. The cut proportion refers to mainly 5 things: table, circle, cullet, depth, crown angle, and pavilion angle. the best way to ensure that the diamond returns a maximum of light to an observer is to ensure that there is a great combination of all the five specs. A perfect example of a well-combined diamond can be observed with the Fonder diamond’s supercut diamond. In addition to this, it exhibits clear flashes of rainbow colors. They are vivid and conspicuous regardless of how you view the diamond. This explains why our diamond appears more dazzling compared to others of the same quality.

ii.    Select a diamond with great brilliance, sparkle, fire and light symmetry.

Diamond For Your Engagement

These are the parameters used to grade the light performance of a diamond. The fire is the ability of the diamond to disperse a rainbow color as the light bends through it. The sparkle is the combination of flashes of white and colored light reflected when the diamond is moving. The light symmetry is even distribution of light all through the product.  The brilliance the amount of the white light returned to the table.

iii.    Confirm a diamond’s light performance with a high-tech light test

The Sarine light report from the Sarine company revolutionized the diamond business by inventing the technology. Once you are done with the above-mentioned considerations, you can be sure to confirm the light performance of the product using the technology. The technology base the result on the light performance parameters which are: brilliance, sparkle, fire, and symmetry.

In conclusion, you should never pay for a dull diamond. Always make it a routine check on the above aspect of a diamond. Remember to always check the diamond using the Sarine light performance test.