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One of the most unforgettable days for any woman is when she decides to commit herself. For some, it is something rehearsed, but in many cases, their partners surprise them in such a way that their life takes a radical turn.

Honestly, no matter how prepared you are, an engagement ring makes you spin your head a thousand times and stop thinking clearly.

Call your best friends

Quickly pick up the phone and tell them about the big event with all the details. The recommendation is that you lean on social networks to make the statement. Nobody will miss it, and you will save many phone calls. Sure, you must tell your VIPs personally.

Secure your ring

The engagement event is a dream; the nightmare is losing the ring or being stolen. Avoid fights and secure it. There are several options for this. Do not hesitate.

Make an appointment in the aesthetics

The manicure is basic. From now on, your hands will be more popular than ever (especially the left), and to show off that beautiful engagement ring, what better than some cute and healthy nails.

Enjoy your moment

This must be the most important. Between everything that comes to your head and what you have to do to have the wedding you always wanted, you rarely have time to take in the situation. Between the congratulations, the farewells, the calls and telling the story over and over again, the last thing you do is enjoy the moment. You can read more about engagement on .

Find inspiration

After giving you a few days to enjoy the novelty and have romantic dates with your fiancĂ©, it’s time to look for inspiration. The magazines and blogs will become your best allies throughout the planning process.

The best ideas arise from there, for all kinds of tastes and budgets.

Make your agenda

Between you and your fiancé, you must put together a super serious agenda with everything you should see together and separately when planning your wedding and avoid problems when organizing it. You can find special agendas for wedding planning, or plan to use your imagination and do it.

Make a piggy bank

Weddings happen, generally, a year after the engagement. Take advantage and build a piggy bank to save as much as you can during that time. You never know what hurry this little guard will take from you.

Try to follow these tips, and this stage of life will become one of your favorites. The most important thing is to organize very well but not stop enjoying every moment.