creative wedding photography

Photographers are creative by nature. They have a responsibility to freeze a moment in time. Photographers create pieces of artwork that are way more poetic than just an ordinary collection of pixels. The art of creative photography relies upon capturing your deep sentiments and hearty feelings to make these last forever.

Here are few secrets of creative wedding photography shared with you to give you an idea about the romantic, fairytale kind of storytelling, and reportage style of photography that makes your wedding album unique and artistic piece of creativity.

These creative ideas recommended are more expressive and artistic than the typical shots couples expect. Couples fall in love with these extra special touches that make their wedding album a magical world of happy memories:


  • Shadow capturing:

It is a fact that using black and white creates a dramatic effect, similarly using the combination of light and shadow adds a bit of dramatic flair. Use of spotlights and shadows creates a stunning silhouettes photograph.


  • Diptych capturing of motion:

Usually, photographers rely upon capturing a single shot of active moments (like exchanging rings or bouquet toss), but taking consecutive photos is a far better way to get perfect shot. It is also a good idea to pair these photos together in an interesting way to tell more of a story than a single photo.


  • Shots of in-between moments:

Moments of a family walking from getting ready suites to the outdoor ceremony space are very important. Capturing these moments also help you to get the interesting hidden details like the groom’s tie and bride’s shoes.


  • Use perspectives and locations to create unforgettable shots:

A great wedding photo is not about complicated angles and use of lots of props, sometimes it is as simple as changing an angle from one direction to another. Taking a considerable group shot using a drone, an aerial shot of ceremony and use of exciting locations like underwater, a Cliffside, under a giant tree, etc. are ways to use perspectives and locations.


  • Romantic moments in a unique texture:

Taking a picture of the couple standing in front of a large window, using bride’s veil, having the bride and groom underneath sharing a romantic kiss, or looking at the sunset together holding hands are the moments full of romance, affection for each other, and deep love. Capturing any of these moments can be an effort by a photographer for a couple to live these moments again and again.


  • Emotions through motions:

Capturing motions is a perfect way to photograph beauty, happiness, emotions, and drama. Displaying all these feelings through moving moments is a way to capture whimsical and dreamy moments like:

  • Using usual puddles for taking some mysterious photos like catching reflection of the bodies
  • Choosing a bright photo by using color bombs (a daring effort due to harsh colorful palettes)
  • Capturing romantic moments using work equipment like a police car
  • Use of magic wands to cast some spells in a spacy room

There is so much more that can make your wedding album a world of memories that will remain evergreen for you with creative and innovative photography by Still Miracle London Photography studio.