The birth of a new member of the family is a very special occasion that requires a gift for the memory. The most valued special gifts for baby and mother are those that are useful and original, personalized or made by oneself.

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In this sense a good idea to give new parents for their baby, are the birth baskets. The baskets of birth are usually characterized by containing an assortment of useful products for the first months of the child, may also contain products for the mother and some other toy for the newborn.

With this kind of gift you will be sure, meets all the requirements of זר ליולדת, it is useful, beautiful and you can customize it according to the tastes of the mother of the child or your own. On the internet we can find several online stores where to buy this product, although most are already finished baskets with all the pre-established elements. However, there are some options that allow us to customize our basket, an example would be the web gives illusions that allows us to customize all aspects of our basket and see an approximate result before placing the order. We can choose the type of basket, its color, its content from a wide variety of products, also the exterior decoration and the dedication.

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If we want to spend as little money as possible on the gift and we have time and creativity, you can also create your own birth basket yourself.

Steps to customize the birth basket

The first step is to choose the Babybasket where we will put the content, we can buy it in any boutique or online in stores like the one mentioned above. You can also do them yourself with a technique that uses newspaper papers, although that will be explained another day. Returning to the purchased basket, we must first consider the size, depending on the content we will be interested in baskets of one size or another. Another important aspect is the color, we are probably interested in different colors depending on the child’s gender, although there are also unisex colors such as pastel shades of a wide range of colors. The less important form is also a factor that will determine the final aspect of our gift.

Once the basket that we like is chosen, now it’s time to add the products to it. It is recommended that it be an assortment of useful products for the first months of the child’s life or for the mother, useful gifts are the most valued. We recommend to always include diapers, wipes, baby skin creams, cologne, embroidered bibs with the name of the child, pacifiers, rattle, some pacifier, milk powder, etc. Depending on the size of the chosen basket, we will have to choose our products. We can buy these types of products in large stores or online in baby shops. Remember to distribute the products evenly through the basket, trying to distribute the weight also.

Once we have correctly placed the products of the basket, the last part is משלוח ליולדת. We must try to choose an adequate packaging, in principle that is transparent to a greater or lesser extent, so that it allows to see the content of it. We can also use bows and bows for gifts to decorate the basket, this type of material can be found in gift shops and as always, online in this sense the possibilities are unlimited, everything will depend on the creativity of each one.