At a wedding, all the details are important. The choice of the vehicle that will bring you between the ceremony venue and the reception hall must be carefully planned just as the shoes of the bride or the tie of the groom!

Wedding Car Idea

Depending on your preferences, the theme of marriage and your budget, the options available to you are many and it is not always easy to make a choice. Here are some ways to find an

What style of car

The first idea that comes to mind when thinking about the wedding car hire is of course the limousine. It is true that this is surely what the vast majority of newlywed couples choose. Yet, more and more, we notice a tendency to think outside the box and to choose a totally personal vehicle for this big day. For example:

  • A vintage car (Jaguar, Roll’s Royce)
  • A movie car, for the passionate (Bat-mobile)
  • An old vehicle from the 40s, for example
  • A carriage pulled by beautiful horses
  • A luxurious sedan (BMW, Mercedes, etc.)

It is even possible to show even more originality when arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, or on a horse, on a big bike or in a race car, on an elephant, why not? The day of your wedding is YOUR day, so why not take the opportunity to achieve a childhood dream at the same time!

What style of marriage?

Wedding In Car

We must take into account the overall theme of your ceremony and your reception so as not to “rub off” with the choice of the car.

If your wedding is rustic and country-style, the limousine may not be ideal. An old car or a convertible would be more appropriate. On the other hand, if your wedding takes place in a very chic downtown hotel, a BMW or a limo will be perfect! If you choose to get married in Cuba, why not opt ​​for one of these picturesque “coco taxis”?

Decorate the car or not?

Again, it’s a question of choice and preferences. Large colored ribbons and bouquets of flowers in the hues of the wedding will perfectly integrate the car to the rest of the ceremony … and all the curious will take the opportunity to honk in congratulation with the procession. It’s still a plus!

The budget

We will not hide it: with all the expenses incurred for this day, the amount to pay for the rental of the vehicle has its importance in the final choice.

Before contacting rental agencies, you may want to talk to those around you. Maybe a distant member of the family would be willing to lend you his collectible Corvette, or his Harley? If you know someone who has an interesting vehicle, do not hesitate to ask them to lend it to you (or you can rent it at a low price). Often, these collectors will be delighted to participate in their own way to your big day.

Another option, if the idea of ​​an antique car interests, is to contact collectors clubs directly to discuss an arrangement directly with them.

Do not hesitate to shop around and ask to be explained in detail what your contract includes, to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day.