Happy Weeding Anniversary

Even with strong feelings for spouse, one sometimes looks for Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes words. Similarly, when it comes to sending a small card to relatives who celebrate their wedding anniversary, ideas do not jostle necessarily!

 We will help you with some ready-made formulas that can be customized for a unique result.

Feel free to adapt these formulas for a similar occasion such as a birthday meeting or  wedding anniversaries!

For your spouse

To your wife

1 – “Darling, it’s such a pleasure for me to celebrate our wedding anniversaryOur wedding day is for me unforgettable and magical … That day, you became my wife and I swear to love you for the rest of my life, marrying you was probably the best thing that could happen to me … life at your side is incomparable … I love you and wish you a very happy birthday of marriage.”

2 – “My love, time passes and life is not always simple or easy, but despite the hardships and the routine of everyday life, know that the day of our wedding remains a wonderful memory for me because the strength of our love is our greatest achievement. I hope you share this impression and that you are fulfilled as much as I can be. Happy anniversary to my beloved wife. ”

To your husband

1 – “My darling, a year has passed already since we swore to love us for all of life! I have not seen the time pass, as you have been able to fill me and pamper me! Happy Anniversary to my husband I love every day more. ”

2 – “A few years ago, we swore before God to love us all our lives, I feel like it was yesterday, but we have to face the facts, the years have passed since Still, I love you as the first day and our oath has lost none of its strength. ”

3 – “The years go by, our life changes, our children grow up, but for me, you are and you will remain my love , which I have loved with the same intensity for 15 years now.

To wish wedding anniversary to a couple

1 – “Happy wedding anniversary to our favorite lovers! Above all, do not change anything: continue to love yourself, to breathe happiness as you do … In these days, the success of your wedding is a blessing.”

2 – “What can we wish you on the occasion of your wedding anniversary, to live a beautiful wedding day, first of all, in love or surrounded by those you love . Throughout this year, filled with little joys, spared by worries and carried by beautiful projects … Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! ”

3 – “The year of your wedding? A sacred vintage. No need for a guide of the great wines to know it, just look at you: from year to year, your couple continues to amaze us by the strength of his love. Happy Anniversary to an exceptional couple . ”

4 – “Dear friends, I congratulate you very sincerely for having gone through the trials without ever ceasing to support you. You have been able to maintain the flame of your love and have raised in a family united beautiful children which you can Be proud of these 20 years of marriage. ”