Essential elements of a fairytale wedding by ‘’Blue Ventures’’

Though weddings are beautiful, still they are practical happenings that need a lot of calculations and overwhelming aspects. There is so much to think about and decide practically, from determining the wedding budget to inviting family and friends.

Then what do we call a fairytale wedding?

Only a photographer has the power to create magical moments to perfectly preserve for years as the beautiful memories of those not so perfect moments. When two people get married, they are surrounded by feelings of joy, happiness, and contentment. Blue Ventures captures our life’s most precious events on film and in images so that we may relive them again and over again.


Although I am also a good photographer, I had a few solid reasons to hire “Blue ventures” as my official wedding photographer. There are a few basics to create a fairytale wedding which Blue Ventures always deliver in a very professional and perfect way:


  • When capturing one of the most important days of a couple’s life, it is necessary to include the location. Wedding photography is all about capturing the breathtaking components that bring the air and whimsical moods to life.
  • To create a fairytale photographer makes the bride and groom appear like a prince and princess ready to go on a fantastic voyage. So they always keep them near and ensure that both are visible and that their body language portrays love and affection.
  • A true professional wedding photographer always works on spectacular compositions, whether they shoot indoors or outdoors during the golden hour. They know well that every little detail counts! The pair should be highlighted rather than hidden if they’re inside. If photographers shoot their couple outside, they use a natural environment that matches their fairy tale.
  • Props may improve the look of a wedding photoshoot. They think about pieces that readily integrate into the composition and deliver the amazing shot that keeps all essentials of a moment.