Wedding photography

On the very special occasion of a couple of weddings, you will get only one chance to accomplish the very special and hard task you don’t have a chance for a mistake. Fotografia de matrimonios is a memory for the generations. So before you go for a photo shoot, you must be well prepared and well equipped. This article is going to be very helpful for beginners to start their career as a wedding photographer by following these simple tips:

Tips for wedding photography for beginners:

As a beginner, you may feel nervous, but the best advice to follow is to keep confidence in yourself. Always disclose to the couple that it is your first wedding to make a couple and yourself comfortable and follow these basic tips:

  • Meet the couple:

Before the wedding day arrange a meeting with a couple to find out the requirement. The couple may have different opinions or requirements. It will have very helpful to write down the requirement, ask about important guests to be included in wedding photo-shoot friends’ family parents also ask about group photos.

  • Visit the location:

Selecting the location of photography is very import, visit the location, check out lights, backgrounds and practice some sample photoshoot which will boost up your confidence and highlight your weakness. Focus on your weak points and try to overcome them before the event.

  • Add detailing:

Capturing the small details of big moments is the actual art of wedding photography. Try to capture more than vow moments. Take closeups of dress details, flowers, wedding rings and lights because it’s all-important.

  • Take extras with you:

An assortment of lenses, extra memory cards, and extra batteries are the things more essential to keep with you. Always make a backup plan in case things go wrong. After all the couple cannot have another wedding.


  • Get a shot list:

Always get a shortlist of relatives and friends of groom and bride that are of absolute importance. For getting candid or goofy group photos, always keep a set of posed ones.

In addition to all these preparations, pack your snacks and water with you, wear comfortable shoes, consult with the efficient, and be covert but not shy.