Photo Booth London

The wedding day is approaching and you wonder what you can do with your wedding photo booth that entertains your guests while encouraging them to go to the photo booth to take as many photos as possible. If you want your wedding photo booth to capture the attention of your guests, we leave you some tips so that on your wedding day no one is left without getting at least one photo for the occasion.

Photo Booth London

What can you do to encourage participation?

No doubt your guests will need some help to break the ice at first, but if you follow these tips you can be sure that no one will sleep that night without having taken at least one photo in your wedding photo booth. Here are some ideas to get this effect on all those who come to your link.

Whether you have decided for Photo Booth Hire London, as if it is a family member or a friend who will be in charge of controlling everything, you should have someone specially responsible for the animation in the room or area that you enable for the photo sessions in the cabin, so that this person will be in charge of proposing all kinds of events that will encourage your guests to take all the possible photos. Here are some ideas that will undoubtedly help everyone to lose the fear and embarrassment of the photo session.

  • Invests the papers a little. The godparents arm themselves with the bouquets of bridesmaids, while the bridesmaids dress with the ties of the godparents.
  • With the boyfriend or girlfriend in the cabin, let all the guests go in one by one or two by two and take a picture with them. It is the best way for each of the people who come to your wedding to leave knowing that they will have a memory of the celebration throughout their lives.
  • Print the masks of the bride and groom and share them among the guests. Make a competition between men and women to see who gets more photos with their mask: the bride or groom.
  • Along with the rental of the photo booth is included some attrezzo, but if you want to innovate even more you can make some funny clothes and distribute them among those who are going to take photos.
  • Create a contest for the funniest wedding photo. This of course will help to encourage the creativity of the most daring, and the rest of the guests will have a great time watching them do all kinds of crazy things.
  • If a family member or friend has a talent for cooking, you can ask them to make some cookies, such as whiskers, hats, lips or anything else that comes to mind. It will undoubtedly be the sweetest entertainment of the wedding.
  • Try to get older people to take part in the party by taking a funny photo, remember that they will be invaluable photos over time and they will undoubtedly want to appear in them with their loved ones on such a special day.
  • If you think it is appropriate, you can help singles who come to your wedding to find their better half. For this you will simply have to create a special event for singles of half an hour, in which they will meet in pairs and compete with the rest for making the most embarrassing photo.
  • Remember to save some time for some group photos, so that you can remember the people who came to your special day by looking at the group snapshots tomorrow. Encourage those who are most ashamed, the group photos are the perfect moment for them to join, because among so many people they will not stand out much.