Mostly people think that 2nd anniversary is not important .But they are wrong. They don’t know even little about the importance of wedding’s anniversary in a couple’s life. It reveals them the success of 2 years of their marriage and reminds them the best moments they spend together in these 2 years.2nd anniversary is also known as “Cotton Anniversary“, so the best gift on this event will be cotton.But you may give any gift related to your life partner’s interest. Following are few 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her.

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Traditional Cotton Gifts


Comfort, safety, and warmth come to mind when you think about the blanket, do not they come? If your answer is yes, then why are you worrying about the special gift on this event? Personalized Blanket can be proved a romantic gift and will show your feeling for her. As blanket is the sign of love, care, and warmth, it is the best gift for your wife. It will remind your love and care every day when she will snuggle behind it. As it is available in a large number of varieties, so it is not difficult to choose a beautiful color according to your wife’s choice.

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her
While personalization of blanket, keep in mind a note of caution. If you want to throw a design or a photo, it must be woven instead of printed because woven design does not fade with proper take care.

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her(best of all)

 Bed Sheets

Better Idea to give a special gift on the 2nd anniversary is the bed sheet. You can personalize it with beautiful design to make it more special. You must differentiate the bed sheets on the behalf of quality and texture. Best suggestion for you is, go to local decor store and feel the difference between them.So  it will be the best Idea among the 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her .

2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her


Clothing consists of pants, shirts, trouser, socks…the list goes on and on. You can personalize anything from given list which your wife requires. If your wife needs skirts or blouse, call her on the dinner and present her in a beautiful gift box.

2nd Anniversary Gift ideas for her

Modern Gift: China

In some traditions, china is handed down from generation to generation. In most homes, it is reserved for special events…family gathering, holidays and social engagements. They can be easily engraved according to your choice like your partner’s name on the cup. It will invoke many happy memories in your lives while enjoying laughter and best conversation.

anniversary Gifts for couples

China comes in five different Qualities as described following
 Fine China-It is another name of Porcelain. It is thin and durable.
 Porcelain-It is immune to bacteria growth. It is also thin and durable. It is immune to bacteria growth.
 Bone China- it is made of bones. It is also a type of Porcelain.
 Stoneware- These are made of stones and may crack at sudden changes of temperature.
 Earthenware- These contains impurities and also crack at extreme temperature changes.