Wedding Superstitions That You Can Totally Ditch

Even those who do not consider themselves superstitious persons, somewhere in the depth of their hearts used to believe in different kind of signs. Especially, when it goes about fateful life moments like a wedding day. A single way to save a balance is to find the reasoning for superstitions and ditch them once and forever.  Let’s try to do this.

Do not marry on Friday 13th

Do you know why this date is so frightening? It is related to the arrest of the Templars in 1307, which occurred on Friday 13th and was one of the most violent events in history. A strong negative association was rooted in the human hearts and they transmitted their fear from generation to generation. So, It is just a historical fact but nothing else. Only a few know that there are also many happy Fridays 13th in human history, like the wedding of King of France Louis XIII. If the king dared marry this day, why you could not?

 Do not see the bride before the ceremony

Nobody knows why this superstition is so strong. We guess people came up with this to create enhance the level of emotions. Evidently, the groom’s surprise would not be so potent in the moment of the bride’s appearing if he had the opportunity to see her before the wedding. But actually, this meeting is urgently needed, especially when you feel you both need it. Who can better quench the swirl of emotions than your husband/wife-to-be can?

Do not wear your entire wedding look before the ceremony

This superstition has the same reasoning as the previous one. It was generated to facilitate the emotions of sweet anticipation of your wedding triumph. Indeed, just imagine your disappointment when on the wedding day you will find that the accessories do not fit your entire image. So ditch this belief and let’s wear your wedding look as soon as you can do this.


Wedding ring drop during the ceremony

Yes, wedding ring drop during the ceremony happens and be sure it happens rather often. People believe that this sign predicts betrayal while we are sure it says about nothing, except the couple’s agitation. Why you do not become upset when you drop the spoon or key, for example? But quite the contrary, you believe it means that somebody will come soon. The same sign but different meaning. What is the most relevant one? Most likely, that one you believe the most.

No pearls

People say wearing pearl accessories means tears and unhappiness. We guess it is a smart marketing idea of diamonds’ producers. Indeed, who can be more interested in making you refuse from pearls and start looking for an alternative? Wise people challenge any thing by asking “whose interest can be behind the statement?” Just try and you will see the rational reasoning instead of magic.

Rings without carvings

One of superstition says your wedding rings should have a smooth surface to have a peaceful and measured family life. Who said that measured life is good or happy? Maybe it is boring. Have you noticed that overcoming troubles we enjoy life even more than before? People should have a diverse life experience; any emotion is valuable. Do you still want smooth rings?

No green

An amazing thing, Ireland from where this tradition comes is today associated with the green color. Could it be a bad sign for the whole country? Unlikely, since green like white is just a color having no magic power. It does not matter what color of your dress is, how you feel yourself when wearing certain hue much more matters.

Do not marry on May

May is associated with fuss and to avoid the fuss in life the couples should avoid wedding this month. Considering this superstition comes from ancient times when the agriculture work has a crucial meaning for human life being, one can easily find the explanation for this superstition. May was one of the most active agriculture periods, so people do not want to make it even more difficult by organizing a wedding. It is not actual anymore, so this ancient belief can also be ditched as well.

 Closed-toe shoes only

Not to let happiness escape wear closed shoes only – says one of the widespread superstition. Hah, we want to ask you whether the toe is the only path for escaping. We though happiness lived in the heart. So why we do not wear armor?

Wind on the wedding day

People say about persons in love that they can disperse the clouds with their hands.  We assume it means that the weather has no power to influence true love. Whether it is not enough for ignoring the weather on your wedding day when your love is the only thing, which indeed matters?