Wedding Ang Bao

Wedding dinners are expensive in Singapore, so decide your ang bao rates according to the ground realities.

Ang bao is red, it has money in it and everyone loves it when receive, but hate it when have to give them. This is one of the socially accepted norms in Singapore. It is a gesture of giving a blessing and well wishes in which adults give out money in the form of ang bao to the young generation for Chinese New Year or on other happy occasions like birthday and wedding.

This old tradition of wedding ang bao is not all about human-to-human relationship. This red envelope is considered as “Good Luck’’, but in Singapore, your ang bao also covers the cost of seat you occupy in the wedding reception. But calculating the ang bao wedding rates can be so much overwhelming after all there are no published rates for it.

Tips to decide wedding ang bao rates:

Here are a few tips that will surely help you to calculate wedding ang bao rates in Singapore:

  1. Calculate the seat cost depending upon how luxurious and expensive is the wedding venue. You can get help from their published rate per table.
  2. Being not so close to the couple or not being a part of their close family it is ok to cover the cost of your seat only, but being a relative or close friend you need to give seat cost and some more.
  3. Wedding time also matters a lot. Saturday night wedding dinners are costly and you need to decide your ang bao according to that while wedding lunch is cheaper than dinners and weekday weddings also cost minimum.
  4. Keep in mind that never give any amount with 4 digits as it symbolizes the Chinese word ‘’DEATH’’. Try to give an amount having 8 digits in it as it is considered as the representative of fortune and good luck.