Wedding warming ceremony in Ireland

“A wedding ring is the first link in the chain of family life.’’

In today’s world, wedding ceremonies are more personal and stripped back. Many religious and old wedding traditions are vanished or transformed into some modern getups these days. In Ireland, couples combine their romantic contemporary love stories with honored traditions, and the results are fascinatingly pretty exceptional.

A beautiful and memorable tradition that is gaining popularity in Ireland is the ‘’Ring warming ceremony’’. This is an old concept with a modern avatar that every guest ‘’warms’’ the rings at the beginning of the ceremony.


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Coming back to the ‘’ring warming ceremony’’, it is such an innocent ceremony in which the wedding rings of the couple by each of the guests at the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

This tradition involves four main steps:

  1. Before the wedding ceremony, the rings are protected with a piece of ribbon and placed in a box.
  2. These wedding rigs than passed to the members of the congregation to start the ceremony.
  3. Every guest holds the wedding rings in their hands and makes a silent wish for the couple and their marriage.
  4. After passing the rings to each member, these returns to the best man for use at the time of saying vows.


This is hugely a personal way to involve the wedding guests at the wedding reception in Ireland. When there are large weddings of more than 100 guests, this ceremony takes up a lot of time. In this situation, the rings can be tied to a ribbon and then hanged to the reception area before the wedding ceremony. The guest simply touches the ring and makes a wish in minimum time.  

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