Heavenly Beautiful Wedding Venues

The individuals (couple) in wedding photos, or the “wedding photo subjects,” are significant. Of course, they are the main focus of a wedding photographer. But the precise location for wedding photography might be much more crucial for a photographer.


Locations bring a true feel to wedding photos. The quality of surroundings has a significant impact on the final quality of your wedding images after you’ve selected a location. Many couples have issues with their wedding photographs due to the venue’s failure to meet their expectations. In the end, many end up with lacklustre, uninspired results after spending thousands of dollars on the ideal photographer.


This is why location selection is one of the most critical aspects for wedding photographers. Couples often neglect places for their wedding pictures and rely on their wedding photographer for guidance. When a professional photographer meets a couple, they usually ask about the wedding’s theme, and from that, they give them a few options for the venue settings. It’s critical to choose wedding venues that go with the overall aesthetic. If your theme is contemporary, for example, choosing a place with vintage or classical buildings is a waste of time.

Tips for selecting a wedding venue that is perfect for photography:

Here are a few essentials for a wedding photographer to get a better understanding of a wedding venue:

·         Getting familiar with a wedding venue:

A photographer must know what the wedding venue looks like and knows their way around it. A professional photographer always makes it possible to have a pro walk with the couple through the ceremony and reception spaces together.

·         Finding a distinct touch of creativity:

To ensure that the images a photographer gets capture the event as a whole and not just certain highlights. Indeed, wedding photography is mainly about documenting intimate encounters between two people and heartwarming images of a loving family. But a photographer always investigates a location to discover their creative interests.

·         Getting a feel of mutual interest:

A productive communication between a professional wedding photographer and a couple makes it easy to choose the right wedding location. A wedding venue must be perfect not only according to the photography point of view, but it’s ideal if the setting matches the individual styles.


Wedding in Ireland:

As a local in Ireland, people often tend to take the beautiful island and its many attractions for granted. This gorgeous place has so much to offer for wedding photography. Ireland is a heaven of ideal wedding locations, whether you wish for an elopement, an intimate destination wedding, or a grand wedding with all traditions and luxuries. An abundance of magnificent gardens and abandoned churches make it difficult for couples and photographers to select the perfect one.


Heavenly Beautiful Wedding Venues


Here two of the stunning wedding venues are discussed to capture a grand wedding most stylishly and differently:


Having your wedding at Rathsallagh is like having your own luxury country house for the occasion. It is one of Ireland’s few exclusive and secluded Country House wedding locations. Rathsallagh can accommodate up to 250 people and is just a half-hour drive from Dublin and the Dublin airport.


Wedding photographers love to shoot weddings in Rathsallagh House’s gardens. A pity to miss out on the House’s many lovely outside areas! The finest time for RATHSALLAGH HOUSE WEDDING is between April and October.


Garden games, refreshments outside, and stroll around the grounds are just some of the activities available to your visitors. Consider setting up an ice cream truck during the cocktail hour for your guests to enjoy!

If you’re looking for a secluded location for your first look, the orchard in the walled garden is an excellent choice. In April/May, the blooms are beautiful, and in August/September, you’ll be able to witness apples in full bloom!

Wedding photography at Rathsallagh House:

Rathsallagh House’s large grounds provide several options for wedding photographs. There are many hidden spots throughout the home and grounds:


Wedding photography at Rathsallagh House


  • Local professional wedding photographers adore the secluded walled garden where the couple may relax after the wedding. This is simple since most people enter the pub from the patio.
  • The Orangery is a great choice for couples solo photoshoots as the guests won’t see it, so the photographer may get a private corner to play with some camera tricks. The windows and skylights let in excellent light, making it ideal for a wet day. Plus, the property itself with its well-appointed living spaces. Window light may be used to produce beautiful portraits!
  • A stunning west-facing view is an attractive option for Rathsallagh House Wedding Photography. You could even catch a stunning sunset!
  • The ivy background is lovely for family shots. Amazing grass and trees provide fairytale locations to capture.
  • It is a treat for wedding photographers to catch the classic Rathsallagh House Night Tree photo.

What makes “CLIFF AT LYONS WEDDING” special?

The CLIFF AT LYONS WEDDING is the best dream location for couples seeking a luxury hotel near Dublin to celebrate their fairy tale Irish wedding.


Cliff at Lyons, a magnificent country hideaway only 20 kilometres from Dublin, is one of Ireland’s most convenient getaways. The lovely property is a favorite spot for Ireland’s weddings, honeymoons, and romantic weekend getaways. Take a stroll around it, and you’ll understand why.


Cliff at Lyons is a great place for a wedding reception because of its breathtaking scenery. Cliff at Lyons is the ideal location for an inside or outdoor civil ceremony, partnership, or blessing. At Cliff at Lyons, you may select from two lovely backdrops for your wedding:


  1. The breathtaking ORCHARD GARDENS
  2. The equally stunning MILL


When it comes to catering for weddings and other special events, Cliff’s main kitchen is the envy of many chefs.

Wedding photography at Cliff at Lyons:

The Cliff at Lyon provides a wide variety of spaces to choose from, ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale events:

Wedding photography at Cliff at Lyons


  • Cliff at Lyons is a stunning wedding destination and one of Ireland’s most popular locations for photographers. Working in this location is a photographer’s dream come true!
  • The San Pedro Chapel and The Orchard are fantastic places to shoot in the rain on a bad day.
  • The grounds are a photographer’s dream comes true, and photos in the gardens are a dream comes true.
  • The courtyard is adorned with a beautiful dovecot, which houses four white doves and adds a magical touch to a wedding ceremony.