Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography enables photographers to be creative and draw inspiration from others. Depending on their aim, wedding photographers have different “particular” approaches. Wedding photographers don’t strictly follow these trends since they often combine. Still, for a new Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin, it is necessary to understand these styles to mix these to create their unique one.


Here are the top 5 popular wedding photography styles:

1.      The classic style of wedding photography:

This style features staged portraits. Traditional wedding photography usually includes album-worthy photos. Photos typically have the newlyweds, their families, and visitors. The photographer’s job is to capture significant wedding moments, such as the first kiss. This technique takes much posing. Newlyweds may provide input on photo content and album style.

2.      Photojournalistic style of Wedding Photography:

Wedding photojournalism is another popular photographic method among novices. This style mimics reportage and documentary photography. In this technique, the shooter recounts the day’s events informally.


This wedding photography approach requires ingenuity and the ability to aim, modify camera settings, frame, and shoot as events develop. Photographers may use a telephoto lens to capture candid moments from a distance. Real and natural visuals elicit emotions.

3.      Artistic Wedding Photography:

Creative details define artistic wedding photos. It doesn’t only record key occurrences. A professional photographer in this area creates art-like images. This look requires careful lighting and arrangement. Such photographs demand detailed and lengthy retouching. Such amazing photos are timeless.

·         Portrait style Wedding Photography:

This wedding picture style captures images of newlyweds in a staged or spontaneous manner. This direction has many gorgeous photographs with honest feelings and a happy, exciting environment. High-quality wedding pictures are often admired.

·         Black and White Wedding Photography:

While some like vibrant color photography, others prefer the classic elegance of black and white images. If the lighting in a color shot isn’t just right, many photographers may convert it to black and white. In this kind of wedding photography, the subject is the thing itself.