Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Photography

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! We are so happy that you are on your way to embarking on a new journey and chapter in your life. We understand that planning a wedding is a very detailed and stressful process. To make things easier we wanted to provide you with some tips that will make your decision of choosing a wedding photography venue alot easier. There is no doubt that capturing the best photography images during your wedding is extremely important. Not only will these photos last with you forever, but they will also allow you to recreate your emotions and memories. As a result, choosing the best wedding venue is key in ensuring that your photos turn out amazing. With that said let’s get started with the main tips to consider when deciding to choose your wedding venue.

 Tip #1 – Choose a Versatile Location

The first tip to consider is to choose a location that is meaningful to you and also equally convenient. You want to make sure that you choose a location that has a theme that replicates the style of a wedding you would like. Think about you and your partners preferences. Would you like a venue that is outdoor and in open green areas and spaces? Or comparatively, would you prefer an indoor venue that is more luxurious in nature. In terms of convenience, try to select a wedding venue that has multiple areas or rooms. This allows for more versatility when shooting wedding photos because of all the different environments available to you within the same venue. For instance, some venues have outdoor gardens and fields, but also have indoor areas and banquet halls. The more versatile your venue the more diverse your wedding photos.

Tip #2 – Have a Plan B for Weather Complications

Let’s face the facts, you can plan everything to perfection yet you can’t control the weather or the environment. Instead of letting the potential rain or wind ruin your wedding day experience, always account for possible fluccuations in weather by ensuring that your wedding venue has an indoor option for plan B. Essentially this ties in with the first tip of choosing a venue that is versatile, because besides the amazing shots you can take, you can also ensure that you are always prepared to deal with any unaccounted for challenges in a way that still makes your wedding day special.

Tip #3 – Consult with Wedding Venues Beforehand and See What is Offered by the Venue in Advance

Another tip to consider is to always consult with the owner of the potential wedding venue to see what is included at the venue. Among one of the things you should ask about in particular is the lighting situation. At the end of the day, anything like additional candles, spotlights, or up-lighting can have a huge impact on the photography of your wedding photos. See if your potential wedding venue will be able to accomodate you with decent lighting options for your big-day. Your photographer will thank you for it.


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