couple costume ideas

Dressing up in costume is not something you do everyday. So, when you do it, make it as exciting and as memorable as possible. Putting on costumes either as a couple or as solo could come up when your circle of friends are planning a themed party. Couple costumes are also popular during Halloween. Get ideas here on how to look different in your couple outfits.

Tired of the popular costumes for couples and need something else for a change? It’s all about thinking wide and getting creative about it. Besides, the internet offers a huge source of inspiration for really interesting and super-unique ideas to dress up as a couple.

Here are some quick tips and ideas to help you do it differently the next time you dress up as a couple;

#1: Switch Positions or Tasks with Your Couple Costumes

Especially for Halloween, couples can switch tasks or positions using their costumes. You’re probably wondering how. Let the husband dress up like a pregnant woman and let the wife dress up like the husband holding and caring for the pregnant wife.

In this case, you need to assemble cute maternity wear and accessories for the man, including a fake pregnancy accessory. For the woman, you should consider a casual man’s clothing from head to toe and complement it with a bit of ruffled look that depicts the anxiety of a man whose wife is headed to the hospital for delivery.

#2: Try Doctor and Nurse Couple Costume

You can also dress up as a doctor and nurse as a couple. This will make a great Halloween couple costumes. Assemble a doctor’s apron, stethoscope, pager and a few other accessories that a doctor works with.

Do the same for the woman; get a cute nurse uniform and accessories and hold a syringe with a serious look on your face, as though you’re ready to carry out the doctor’s instruction.

#3: Dress up in Decade Costumes

Choose your preferred decade and use the fashion trend of the era to create stunning couple costumes. In fact, this is one of the easiest and best ways to create a costume for couple. And, when it comes to decades that were notable for attention-grabbing fashion, the 20s, 50s and 60s are top in the list.

Now that you have these great ideas on how to create stunning and unique costumes for couples, go ahead and implement them.