sola wood flowers

Aeschynomene Aspera is normally alluded to as a sola or shola over the world. It develops wild in swamp zones and is one of the lightest known woods. Ordinarily, the bark is taken off to uncover the cream, plug-like the focal point of the plant. That middle is then made into slight sheets that are taken and are utilized to make the sola wood flowers by hand. Indeed! Every sola wood flower you get has been made by hand no machines are utilized! In some cases, the bark is left on while making the sheets to shape the flower and those we commonly allude to as bark or skin flower and make a two-tone impact.

Where to get?

We generally put forth a valiant effort to coordinate your Centerpiece/Home Decor course of action to the photos on our site Since each flower is carefully assembled and hued, there may be exceptionally slight contrasts. Likewise, in light of accessibility, we may supplant a flower with another bloom of equivalent or higher caliber. We are an independent venture, and the entire group is consistently on the activity floor.

What is the material of sola wood flowers?

Sola flower is not genuine blooms. They are carefully assembled with shavings from custard or balsa tree husk. Every individual sola bloom is deliberately made into a real existence like a blossom. The normal shading is ivory. Sola flowers are a characteristic item. They are 100% biodegradable, economical material. Even however sola flower is more grounded than genuine blooms, they’re as yet fragile and can get harmed with unpleasant taking care of. As a rule, keep the flower in a cool zone, and away from direct sun presentation.

How do you shape sola wood blooms?

The wood flower is effectively molded by utilizing a touch of room temperature water or you can utilize a steamer too to help shape the flower (this strategy is very fun however a bit much on the off chance that you would prefer not to put resources into a steamer) Here is a brisk video we have made telling the best way to shape the flower with a bowl of water.

What number of wood flower do you requirement for a bouquet at a wedding?

This inquiry will be founded on a touch of the size flower you get and the style bundle you need yet to begin here is the thing that we recommend:

  1. Little bunch – 30 sola roses in 2″ sizes
  2. Medium bunch 27 sola wood roses going in 2-3″ sizes
  3. Enormous bundle (around 12″ in the periphery) – 48 wood flower running in 2-3″ sizes

What would you be able to make with sola wood blooms?

Practically on the off chance that you can heated glue a flower on to it or you can add a stemmed bloom to the vessel you can make a sola wood flower venture yet gives up over a couple of our top picks.

  • Wedding bunches
  • decorative layouts of numerous types
  • wreaths
  • divider stylistic theme
  • botanical crowns
  • adornments
  • occasion adornments


Order and delivery of these flowers:

We do propose purchasing a couple of extra particularly on the off chance that you are new to coloring the flower so you can rehearse a piece and locate the ideal shading for your extraordinary day! The current evaluated creation time is 5-7 business days for individual and mass flowers. Shaded flowers may take 7-10 business days until shipment. Single bunches and bundle bundles fulfillment times change occasionally during the year. This can extend from about a month to as long as 11 weeks (particularly during occupied seasons). Highlights can take from 3 to about a month before they deliver out. If it’s not too much trouble allude to our site’s landing page for exceptional preparing times. We will give a valiant effort to send your item as quickly as time permits.