Good news! A happy event has just been announced in your environment. You have only one desire: celebrate the future parents and make them happy! But what to offer them? Here are some ideas to offer a useful and original baby gift that will help future parents in their daily lives!

A useful birth gift rather than the traditional one

Generally, when one is looking for a useful birth gift, one easily forgets its purpose. We fall in love with little stuffed animals and stuffed toys, or even pajamas and bodysuits. They are so sweet … Baby will be well warm and moreover it will be chewable!

Except that you will surely be the tenth person to offer future parents one of these gifts. Baby will have a fuller wardrobe than the parents and lots of friends who will take up all the space in the cradle!

So do not give in to temptation, keep the idea of a useful and original מתנות להולדת הבת, the parents will be all the happier.

A useful birth gift: what to choose?

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Yes but what to choose as a useful gift? You find that a bottle, a pacifier or even diapers do not make a present? Think again! These are useful objects that parents will need all the time in their daily life with baby. He will lose many nipples and use many layers.

You can also turn to objects in the style of baby monitor or night light. Very practical, because even if the future parents receive several they will be able to distribute them to the family that will be equipped when baby will go to pay them a visit.


Add a touch of originality to your gift

A useful birth gift can look a little sad and unoriginal. But it is quite possible to make everything a little more attractive. For example, you can make a cake of diapers. You mix the useful and the pleasant by adding other small presents to complete the gift.

You can also choose a gift that is out of the ordinary such as a photo shoot for the family. A touching attention that will leave them with beautiful memories.

The birth list: the boost for a beautiful gift!

To be sure to please parents and offer them something they will use, make your choice on their birth list. Many parents create a birth list that they fill with their favorites and the items they need to welcome and care for baby.

You just have to select from their list what you want to offer them and you’re done!

Have you decided? What will you offer them? You can read more about מתנות מיוחדות לתינוק ולאם here.