tips for photographers and video-makers to set wedding photo and video packages

Wedding Photography and videography are important long-term investments to ensure your memories are captured the way you want them to be forever. Your wedding will undoubtedly be one of the most meaningful and memorable occasions of your life, and you’ll want to make sure to capture it correctly so you can look back on it for years to come.

From the dress to the flowers, the guests and the food, and that special moment when you and your loved one say “I do,” professional wedding photographers and videographers will capture every detail of your special day.


Here are some of the tips for photographers and video-makers to set wedding photo and video packages:

·        Estimate the Time Involved

Measuring the value of a wedding photographer is tough. Their emotional value is priceless, but you need to charge your clients somehow. To guide your decisions, estimate how much time you will invest in each wedding activity, and set a rate for your time.

·        Meeting with the bride and groom

The most important factor in setting photo-shoot price is meeting with the bride and groom to establish what occasion to include in the photo-Shoot. Such as:

  • Empty venue/church
  • Bride and Groom inside venue/church
  • A bride arriving at the wedding car
  • Bride stepping out of the car
  • Bride entering into the venue


·        Shooting engagement photos

When setting a price for wedding photo and video packages, you should consider whether engagement photos should be taken before you get carried away with wedding photography planning. It is usual for most cases; after getting engaged, the groom and bride hire a photographer to take their engagement photos, so you need to consider it if included in the wedding package.

·        Traveling to the location

Peak season travel rates should be applied to calculate your travel expenses. If the wedding is taking place during the off-season, you can offer your client a discount. Travel time, location distance, and risk associated should be considered when setting the package rate.

·        Check venue limitations

If your couple has already picked their venue, make sure an outsider photographer is allowed. Some venue restricts outsider photographers and charges a fee and others do not allow photographers outside at all. With all-inclusive resort weddings that include employee photographers in their packages, this is popular.

·        Sorting images

Wedding photo sorting is a big task, and sometimes professionals are hired to do so. If sorting software is involved in setting a package cost, software and professionals should be taken into account.

·        Editing images

Depending on client demand for editing services, you should consider the skill involved and time spent on setting package price.

·        Printed album

Professionally printed, expensive albums have a significant amount of cost. It must be discussed with the client to include in the photo-shoot cost.

·        Location

Location of photography is also one crucial price-setting element. The average cost of a wedding in a large city such as Sydney is twice that of photography in a rural area.

·        Equipment Used

The wear and tear of equipment used for wedding photography should also be included in the package set.


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