wine gift list for weddings anniversaries

Wine has provided an excellent gift option for thousands of years. This drink spans civilisations and times, providing countless people with a beverage which offers more than simple water or fruit juices.

While the right wine can make an excellent gift, though, a lot of people struggle when it comes to choosing the right bottle for those they love and care about. This is where a wine gift list comes in. Companies such as the Hollington Wine company allow event organisers to create online wine gift lists – but what exactly is this service and how does it work?

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A wine list is similar to a wishlist. The recipient of the gift can make a list of the wines they like the most, send it out to all of the guests at their wedding, party, or anniversary celebration, and those buying the gifts are provided with a list to choose from.

This makes it far easier for people to pick the wine they’d like to buy for you, without forcing them to ask you what you’d like.

This is only the start of the story, though.


There are a lot of reasons to look at making your own wine list, though it can be hard to see these benefits when you haven’t used them before.

To start, a wine list will ensure that you only get wines which you will want to drink, saving people from wasting their money on something you don’t like.

It also takes the stress out of buying a gift for those looking to give you something. It can be horrible picking the right gift for a wedding, party, or other events, but the wine list will save your guests from this problem entirely.

Finally, as a list like this can often be a lifesaver, with a lot of people suffering with allergies which are connected to wine. You can tell your guests exactly what you can and cannot drink.


Wine lists have been gaining a lot of popularity over the last few years. Celebrities and normal people alike are taking advantage of this sort of service, and the reasoning is clear.

In most cases, preparing a wine list makes the gifting process far simpler than it usually is. Recipients get exactly what they want, and the givers are able to choose items without worrying that they’re buying the wrong thing. This leaves everyone happy.


Thanks to the flexibility they provide, wine lists can be perfect for all sorts of events. They can help you to gather drinks for your wedding, parties, anniversaries, and just about any other type of event you can think of.

Of course, this is something which should be reserved for adults and those who drink, but these are just about the only restrictions you have. You can even find advice on our website which can help you to figure out what is appropriate for your particular occasion. 

Wine lists are getting increasingly popular all the time, making it well worth having a browse through our site to see what we have on offer.