wedding checklist

When the most-awaited and dream day of your life is finalized, the excitement and anxiety will be at the top point. Take a deep breath with your partner before making any significant decisions. Make a list of the things that are most essential to both of you while planning your wedding after a romantic meal for two. Consider your wedding budget before preparing the wedding list. There will be no successful planning without a solid budget to build on.


·        The significance of having a well-defined budget:

You may wonder why we didn’t start with the money while planning this project. When it comes to the creative process, money is always an issue. Decide how you’re going to bring your dreams to life. Knowing what your top priorities are for your wedding should make figuring out where to save costs a snap.


Based on your priorities, make further break down the things you want to spend on and items that would undoubtedly necessitate spending. Decide on the most important costs and an approximate amount for your wedding.

·        Selection of Venue:

After deciding on a budget, the wedding venue is the next most crucial factor to consider. This is your wedding venue, which will host your guests and create a wedding atmosphere. The wedding venue determines your color palette, guest list, and decoration. So, before you begin planning, make a confirmed decision on selecting the venues you want to use. This will help you choose the most crucial elements of your wedding list.


·        You must start planning as early as possible:

If you have the time of year of six months, don’t think it enough to fully arrange wedding planning. Take your first step and prepare the wedding list to help you consolidate and make choices without unnecessary stress.


Based on the above consideration, start preparing your checklist, which must include the following:


  • Decide you wedding venue and book it as early as possible
  • Decide your color combination and order a wedding dress & suit
  • Print your wedding invitation card and send it to your prospective guests.
  • Choose the caterer and decide your wedding meal
  • Book your beauty consultant
  • Hire a photographer and videographer for the event
  • Hire a music band if possible
  • Plan your honeymoon and select the location

The marriage process is unlimited, but above is a summary to include the most important things that must be done.