Love in the time of COVID-19

“Love knows no reasons, no distance, and no boundaries. It only has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.’’

Coronavirus or COVID-19 spread across the globe, and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is recommending keeping social distancing and avoiding crowded places. This pandemic has affected every field of life; similarly, the wedding industry is suffering a lot, and upcoming nuptials are postponed. But as you know, Love finds its own way; this pandemic also cannot stop two souls from becoming one.

Thinking outside the box is the best way to respond to a challenge of a sudden change.

As the meetings, social events, and shopping all moved to online, and from taking vows in small gatherings to celebrating ceremonies by video conferencing, people are finding innovative ways to hold weddings. Many online wedding registries are also helping couples to conduct their wedding online.

The steps necessary to set a live stream wedding ceremony:

Thanks to the technology, here is a way to have the dearest and nearest in attendance without being physically there. Here are some key points about live streaming to know about before streaming your nuptials:

Why is live streaming better than zoom?

Zoom is a conferencing tool that is best for complete virtual wedding occasion without any guests. Live streaming is an app that is best for a wedding with limited onsite guests. To celebrate Zoom weeding, Zoom needs to be downloaded by every guest through the UI, and it also doesn’t provide customization options for your wedding ceremony. Live stream app like Love Cast allows a beautiful event page with a cover photo and all the details of the wedding event.

What is wedding live streaming?

Live streaming is all about posting wedding ceremony over the internet to make it possible for people to follow the action from anywhere in the world. By providing the link to the website to the relatives and friends, you allow them to attend the wedding ceremony virtually as it unfolds.

How to operate a wedding live stream?

There is nothing so much technical about wedding live streaming, you need to download an app from the app store and register an account to create a wedding event. LoveCast app is a free live streaming app that allows couples to get connected with their loved ones who cannot make it possible to attend the celebrations physically. With the help of a friend or family member streaming on the wedding day is very easy. Using phone to live stream is the most comfortable and most convenient option for live wedding streaming.

What about privacy and security to restrict the intended audience?

To keep your day private password option is available. The bride and groom can share the link narrowly or broadly as they desire. Couples can also share the event through social media, email, or website.

Live stream status after the event:

The broadcast lasts till the end of the event, but people can watch it on the link when it suits them. The features like immediate playback, fast forward, or rewind are also present that help to focus on your favorite part of the ceremony. There is also an option to download or save the live stream.

Love Cast:

It is an easy to use best quality phone app that helps to live stream your wedding to private link. This app provides stunning features that are entirely free:

  • You can choose who you want to share the happiness and joy of your big day.
  • Love Cast sends automatic email remainder to the guests before you say ‘’I do’’.
  • This is also a good substitute for a wedding videographer. You can download your full recording via link.