drone wedding photographer

These days, almost everyone has access to a smartphone. So, not only will the official photographer take stunning photographs of the big day, but your guests will also take hundreds upon dozens of candid shots from all directions.


Photographing a wedding using a drone allows for previously unthinkable angles. Aerial photography gives your wedding pictures a more dramatic tone. When executed properly, it may provide more than simply a wow impact. It may help add more depth to the tale of your wedding day by amplifying the feelings conveyed in each image.


Drone wedding pictures and videography may give your special day a new perspective. Professional photographers and high-quality gear may turn the day into a fairy tale book. Many people are willing to buy expensive drones for actual-day wedding packages. Outdoor weddings with stunning views work best. Before you rush to hire a drone photographer for your wedding, consider these factors:

·         Safety comes first:

Drone wedding photography is difficult, and drone operation is complicated. So choose a professional drone wedding photographer with plenty of expertise. Otherwise, it might be devastating. The photographer should have an excellent relationship with the couple and the event management team to prepare and forecast all the dangers of event photography and have a backup plan.

·         Ask the right questions:

Drone wedding photography is new, so you may not know much about it. Ask the drone wedding photographer the right questions to understand the mechanics and hazards:


  • Inquire whether they charge hourly or daily for their services. This will provide a preliminary drone wedding photography estimate.
  • Ask your wedding photographer whether they have a backup drone for technical issues.
  • Ask about their weather-related contingencies. Most professional photographers have a DJI flagship drone but not a good backup. Make sure they have a decent second drone.


Their work speaks louder than their words; therefore, request samples. Only employ them if you love their drone wedding photographs. Avoid problems by confirming their wedding day availability.

·         Licensing and insurance:

The authority issues department-specific licenses to commercial workers. Drones for wedding photos apply too. Check their drone license before hiring them. They also need equipment insurance. Your wedding site will likely be full of visitors, so insurance will cover accidents. The drone operator team should get permission from wedding planners and venue authorities before filming.

·         Creativity speaks:

Drone wedding photos allow creativity. Photographers do more than take photos and movies. Use an innovative photographer. You may have a custom book and film if your wedding photographer is innovative. You may always check his earlier works to see whether he used the location and resources to create wonderful concepts. Their previous work will assure you that you’re paying for the drone services, the operator’s originality, and work in drone wedding photography.

·         No close-ups:

Aerial photography is best for top-angle and high-angle photos, not close-ups. That needs just conventional wedding photographers. After hiring a drone wedding photographer, tell them to capture only long shots and faraway photos so the drone doesn’t disrupt ceremonies or annoy attendees. Drones cannot record audio. Therefore, they are worthless for close-up wedding vows.