lab-grown diamonds and moissanite

Are you facing confusion choosing between mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and moissanite for custom engagement rings? Diamonds are known for being used to make remarkable jewelry, but moissanite is getting more popular day by day. Balacia handcrafts custom engagement rings for clients to create exclusive designs with beautiful, certified diamonds and moissanite. Lab-grown diamonds and moissanite both great options for engagement rings

Make a right choice

Lab-grown diamonds are more refined than the stones mined because they do not have any impurities inherent in them. They are poised to be better, brighter and whiter as they are made under precisely controlled situations. Diamond mining can damage the earth extensively where lab grown diamonds have none of these issues. Naturally occurring diamonds are forged in the crushing pressure and immense heat of the Earth’s mantle around 100 miles underground. Lab-grown diamonds are the answer to the increasing gap between demand and supply. Similarly, moissanite has its benefits and are the best diamond alternative of choice for many individuals.

Cost effectivity

For cost-conscious couples, moissanite can be an excellent choice for a forever ring or engagement ring.  This gemstone is exceptionally durable and an excellent option for someone who either does a ton of work with their hands or doesn’t plan to remove their ring for activities such as working out.



Create a lovely representation of your unique love with Balacia. They have custom engagement rings for you, so create your ring by choosing your perfect setting. Their designers use your ideas to make your custom engagement rings coming into reality.