Your mane also deserves to be beautified. Headband, twistband, barrettes, hair clips or elastics put on their best features to enhance your hairstyle. Which accessories to choose? How to style with an elastic, a bar or a clip to have style? We give you all our hairdressing secrets to have style without doing too much.

Discover without further delay our favorite selections of the most beautiful hair accessories to put in his hair for a breathtaking hairstyle!

Which hair accessories to choose?

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The accessories are great, especially in the hair! In addition, as it is trendy, you are spoiled for choice to find the perfect room to twister your hairstyle.

Depending on the occasion, you are told everything to choose the appropriate accessory. For everyday life, rely on small hair clips or bobby pins, aka bun clips, to decorate your mane discreetly but original.

In the evening or for the end of year celebrations, let go of the accessories. Headband, barrettes, feathers, tiaras or crowns, many hair accessories exist to pimp your hairstyle.

Headbands, Ribbons and scarves: hair accessories to fix the hair with style

The hairstyles with headband have the wind in their sails. How bun, accessorised evening hairstyle or hair beach with heabdand. The headband is your hairstyle ally.

Depending on the size of your scarf and its thickness, many hairstyles are feasible. Turban way, used as a headband or covering greasy hair (we did not have time to wash in the morning), the scarf is your ally!

Twistbands and elastics: assets to give pep to your hairstyle

To give style to your ponytail, beyond the many options we offer in our ponytail folder, you can also choose an original clip.

Twistbands bring color. These small elastic colored ribbons are the friend of sports or all girls who like to keep a rubber band on their wrist.

For those who want to avoid damaging their hair with the elastic metal clasp, bet on the invisibobble. This plastic tie looks like a spring and holds your hair without damaging it or leaving any marks. Great, no?

And of course, many brands sell elastics decorated with flowers, sequins, feathers or rhinestones to style you.

Clips and barrettes: accessories for hair styling

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If the bar is the best ally of locks that rebel when you attach the hair, it can also be a nice element of decoration for our hairstyles.

Wick on the side, half-tail or braids, the barrettes enchant your hair.

Headband, crowns and tiaras: the royal asset of your hairstyles

Little princess crowns made us dream. Today, we can wear them to an evening to accessorize our hairstyles. And since we are not all Kate Middleton, we can also vary the hairstyles with a wreath for spring-summer without marrying a prince.