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The fifth anniversary of married life, also called the wooden wedding, is a significant anniversary date after the wedding. And of course, many families gather close relatives and acquaintances at a richly laid table on this significant day for them to rapidly celebrate their conjugal five-year anniversary. Accordingly, the guest is excited by the logical question of what gifts should be given for a wooden wedding. In general, according to centuries-old traditions, all the presents should be made of wood, we propose to adhere to the established foundations and give all kinds of best anniversary gifts made of wood to the heroes of the occasion since their choice is really unlimited.

Gifts for a wooden wedding made of wood

  1. Wooden rings. A symbolic gift, especially for those who decided to conduct a repeated comic wedding ceremony, mens wood wedding bands from will be very handy. Well, if they are soundly executed, then their spouses will be able to wear them every day in the life.
  2. Wooden bathtub and sink. It’s a rather exotic gift, and far from even cheap, so it’s better to throw all the guests together on it. And of course, such plumbing does not fit into any interior, it needs an eco-style, if anniversaries love everything natural, then go for it, such a surprise will surprise them very much.
  3. A refined wooden jewelry box will really please the hostess of the house. In this case a man can be given a separate gift.
  4. Cutting boards. High-quality cutting boards are an expensive pleasure, and rarely what family can just take and spend a tidy sum from the family budget to buy them, so give them a present.
  5. Wooden utensils. Dishes made of wood are very fashionable, these can be plates, mugs, trays, a set of forks or spoons with wooden handles, etc.
  6. A set of hangers for clothes. There are never a lot of hangers. On sale now you can increasingly meet their plastic representatives, but they can never be compared to good, durable villages with clothes hanger. For a gift, this is what you need.
  7. Wicker willow chairs. Wicker furniture for a garden gazebo is a longed-for dream of any summer resident, and since it is quite expensive, it is better to chip in together to buy it.
  8. Scorched picture. Gifts for a wedding anniversary of 5 years can be a modular scorched painting or a traditional single canvas with a scorched landscape, in any case, such a beautiful picture can definitely be found.
  9. Bonsai tree. It’s very symbolic to present a tree for a wooden wedding, don’t you find it ?! We offer to give a bonsai, you can even immediately pick up a wooden flowerpot for it. Only do not transplant it yourself, let the spouses carry out this procedure. Such wooden wedding anniversary gifts will definitely please spouses.
  10. A wooden easel will appeal to people who are fond of painting or simply creative people who love to discover new talents in themselves, maybe some of the spouses will like to paint, because this lesson is very reassuring.