wooden flowers

People prefer sola wood flowers now more than those natural flowers because of the versatile uses and properties. Now, if you are wondering about how to make wooden flowers, you need not worry at all. We will guide you through some of the easiest steps to make them. But, wait, before this, we would like you to see the wonders that you can do with them. We are going to highlight the detailed series of uses.  No doubt, this piece of craft has outraged everything that people used to come up with. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look.

Uses of sola wood flower

Sola wood flowers are employed in several places today. This could be simple as well as complex. If, you want to have a series of ideas to make their uses, just continue to read the blog and have its details ahead.

  • Corsage and boutonniere

Corsage and boutonniere are used on several occasions. Most often, you will find them adding all the perks on a wedding day. They are one of the most amazing sources to enrich the event. People today find out every possible way to get an answer of corsage and boutonniere near me. If you are one of them, you need not worry. You can find it on the websites with the option of customization. What else one can look for?

  • Bouquets

Sola wood flowers can be transformed into the bouquets. People today, use these to express their feelings now and then. Moreover, the beautiful bridal bouquets are something that you simply can’t skip for a second. So, if, you are a bride to be, you must organize your bridal bouquet either by yourself or by some website. We will help you to know about how to make a wooden flower bouquet of your choice.

  • Centerpieces

Centerpieces are not only used in events but also in homes. People today, use sola wood flower centerpieces because of their long life. Above all, they don’t create a mess because they don’t attract insects at all. What else, one can ask for? of course, nothing.

  • Jewelry

Sola wood flowers can also be transformed into amazing jewelry. Yeah, you heard it right. Now, you can have customized jewelry without any trouble with the help of sola wood flowers.

Follow the easy steps to make your sola wood flowers

No matter, if you are looking for corsage and boutonniere near me or looking for the bridal bouquet making tips, you must have the basic idea before everything. For this, follow the steps which are mentioned as under;

  1. Make wooden shavings

Pick up the small wooden pieces and create the shavings of wooden. They should be fine enough to get molded easily.

  1. Curl and join the petals

Once you are done, start curling the shavings one by one while sticking them together with the help of transparent glue. Let it dry for some time and keep it undisturbed.

  1. Bring it to life

Now, try to paint them. For this, you can use either acrylic paint or simple fabricated colors. To add the gloss, you can try the varnish. You are all set to showcase the flowers.

  1. Additions

You can also try to add a wire to make steps or some additions like pearls or glitters to give a fancy look.


Sola wood flowers are one of the most amazing flowers that people come across. If you want to avail of them, you can either make them yourself or try to buy them online through various shops. No matter what you try to do, trust us, it will be nothing lesser than life long wonder.