Customize your wedding video

“videography is not about taking moments to capture something, but to capture precious feelings in that moment.’’

We are all different and similar as our love stories. Wedding photography and videography is a piece of memories that must reflect a particular vision of love and romance between a couple. So it is a must to have a wedding video that show the purest love and uniqueness of a romantic relationship between two. In this article you will find all the details regarding complete customization of wedding video that includes video length, coloring, voiceover, and songs. All these minor details will help you to make a wedding video of your dreams:

  • Wedding video length:

First, it is necessary to decide the length of your wedding video. You can select a short film of 3-6 minutes long displaying wedding day highlights or a video with a slower pace and less editing based on 5 to 10 minutes. You also have an option of having a full movie edit that is a kind of documentary-style video approximately 1 to 2 hours long.

The best option is prioritizing creativity over coverage and quality over quantity. Norfolk Wedding Videographer suggests optioning for a more creative, easy to share on social media, a 3 to 6 minutes long wedding video.

  • Lighting and coloring:

Every couple has their own taste with unique style. Some couples love warm tones, and others go with colder tones. A skilled professional videographer can quickly get the looks perfectly that couples desired for. Lighting effects also create difference in customized wedding videos. Lighting affects the mood of wedding video lower contrast with brighter highlights crates a fresh and upbeat feel. While the high contrast with dark shades add dramatic looks to the video.

Norfolk Wedding Videographer suggest to shoot your wedding video in skin tones and then edit with cooler tones.

  • Voiceover and letter reading:

Wedding videography is not the moving imagery only, but it tells a complete love story of two souls. To add a touch of storytelling, including ceremony vows in the video is superb. Adding a voice behind the video is the best way to add a personalized touch to the video. For shy couples, a pre-ceremony letter reading with several takes to make it impressive is also an option.

A voiceover that tells about the first meeting, first date, how you proposed, and what the love journey was all about is the most customized and impressively attractive part of the wedding video.

  • Songs:

Background music and songs set the mood of your film. Video making with storytelling requires crescendos or lot of drops is a perfect combination for a wedding videography. Choosing music with no lyrics is also an option loved by many couples.

Norfolk Wedding Videographer:

Mike Savory from Norfolk broads is a fulltime wedding filmmaker who is so passionate about his work. Mike Savory beliefs in capturing the memories, feelings, and emotions in the wedding videos. This quality makes his work not only a piece of picturesque views, style, and glamour, but a film frame that allows couples to live there happy moments again.