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Marriage is one of the most special bonds shared by two people and to be married to one another for as long as 50 years is very special and fascinating. Such occasions deserve to be celebrated and purchasing equally special gifts for the couple on such events are also very difficult at times. You can get an item which the couple would like for both or you can also opt for separate gifts for each of them. To make your task a bit easy, we are going to provide you with the lists of gifts that you can send and also customize them, according to your wish. Below is a list of gifts, which you can opt for your parents on their Silver Jubilee anniversary.

  1. Personalized wedding plate can be a unique option for you in case you are looking for something unconventional. The customized wedding plate can have the name or initials of the couple inscribed on it.
  2. For the 25th anniversary, you can go for personalized wedding clock made of glass with the numerical of 25 printed on it denoting the silver jubilee celebration. You can also get a name or a picture of the couple on the frame of the clock.
  3. One of the best, as well as a classy gift item which can be given to a couple on their silver jubilee anniversary, is a silver family tree. The silver family tree is made up of silver in the shape of a tree which consists of branches having names of the family members carved in it.
  4. An exquisite champagne bottle can also be an option for you if you are seeking an extraordinary gift. It is just the right option for a spectacular anniversary celebration and the party.
  5. Romance has got no age bar. With a lovely glass plague, the love for your parents can be expressed incredibly. The glass plague can be engraved with a picture of the couple and the wooden stand can have the name inscribed.
  6. If you have been wondering to gift separate items to the couple, you can opt for a stunning silver bracelet for the lady. However, the silver needs to be of premium quality and can be placed in a gorgeous box.
  7. Who doesn’t want to receive a customized caricature framed as an anniversary gift? You can get an artist to make a personalized caricature for the couple and frame it before gifting. It may also include the picture of the kids in it making it, more incredible and slushier.
  8. A silver tea set can be a great idea for gifting on a Silver Jubilee anniversary. The tea set consisting of a teapot along with milk pot and sugar pot is not only a cool item but also a majestic one.The couple needs to feel special and thus, you need to give them one of the best anniversary gifts, they have wished for.