The fourth anniversary is also known as Linen Anniversary. It is customary to give a gift inspired by the material associated with a particular anniversary, but you do not have to follow the theme of the traditional gifts for any anniversary. Flowers and precious stones are also associated with each anniversary and acceptable modern gift for a fourth anniversary is an electrical device. Following are few ideas for 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for husband.

4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Traditional 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for him

Linen Anniversary Gifts

Traditional gifts for the fourth anniversary are based on the theme of linen, but it is also acceptable to include articles silk and nylon. Clothing as a silk tie, sports jersey or cap is an appropriate gift for a man on a fourth wedding anniversary.


Gadget Gift

Modern gifts for this wedding anniversary  are electrical devices. Your husband is into music players or  TV , the modern theme of linen anniversary is perfect for guys who love their gadgets. Game consoles also fall into the category of electrical appliances.  So the best place for shopping is Dealometry for these products.



Flower For 4th


Each wedding anniversary is also associated with a particular flower and geranium represents four years of marriage. If your husband is a keen gardener, geranium seeds or geraniums blooming bath are appropriate gifts in keeping with the theme of a fourth wedding anniversary.


Fourth Gemstones Rings

Topaz and amethyst gemstones are representing four years of marriage. Jewelry incorporating one of these stones is a suitable choice for a fourth wedding anniversary gift. An amethyst ring, topaz earrings or wristwatch gems are gifts related to proper gems for a man.