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Are you looking for a unique gift idea? As the holidays approach, you’re probably searching for an extraordinary gift for that someone special. Here is one really different gift idea, that of a name change, one you can trust to be a very unique gift and something that they appreciate for many years to come. This can be a wonderful gift for the person truly interested in it. If you know someone that has wanted to do this for a really long time but never actually managed to get it done, then you can pave the way for them. However, you need to make plans and preparations for this to be possible. Thanks to, it’s now possible, because that website simplifies everything. You can present someone you care about with an essential gift that is truly distinct.

At this point, you might be wondering how a legal process that usually takes months to complete turns into a really special present? The answers are simply initiation, packaging and timing! You are able to get the process started and ready for the necessary signatures. All the arrangements are made in advance, including full payment if you want. Once you provide the recipient’s information and provide the payment, puts the recipient’s name change petition in a visually enticing folder that’s simultaneously suitable for offering as a gift as it is for keeping together documents for court proceedings and archival purposes. Your gift recipient, if he/she is an adult, will need to sign some documents. If you’re giving this to someone under 18, you can have the gift of name change legally completed or nearly completed before they even unwrap the Name Change Petition Package. Numerous color choices for this folder give the process and packaging flexibility to suit both children and adults.

An Unusual Gift Idea For Now Or Later

Inside the rainbow of colored documents is the completed Petition for a Change of Name. It’s actually possible, albeit not simple, to get the whole legal name change process done as a surprise. If you choose to do this, then the decree changing name might just wind up being the centerpiece of your gift! Even without it, the attractive package comes with all the necessary informational and legal documents arranged in a colorful manner. It arrives ready for signing and in impressive style. Upon their approval, the gift recipient gets a “gold standard” name-changing decree which is honored worldwide. This process is impressive throughout, and the recipient gets to enjoy their name of choice for the rest of their life.

If you decide to choose this as a gift, the court arrangements are set up in the current county where the recipient resides. That makes it a local matter for them. Keep in mind that this is not the kind of gift you should give anyone in the hopes that they like it. You need to know in advance that it’s already what it is they want. Anyone really desiring a name change is going to have thought about it for a long time. So, if you get this gift, that person will surely be wowed. The gift recipient likely already knows how much work is involved in this, since it is a big deal. Getting it all wrapped up as a gift that’s ready to go is going to blow their mind.

This gift idea isn’t an easy one, nor is it cheap. You should look into the specific costs based on involved factors and the current residential location of the recipient you have in mind. Fortunately, lists the costs involved with many different potential processes. Still, if you know someone that would like to do this, then it’s definitely worth it. No gift could really leave the impact this one will, as it empowers someone to use the name they want, exactly as they want it to be, for every legal purpose.

Start A Name Change Now

Check the website for lots of additional information about this gift. You can call and talk to a live, knowledgeable person who can help plan the arrangements to arrange the gift in the best way for your purpose and gift situation. You will likely be able to get the whole thing started without the one getting the gift even knowing it’s underway.  No one else is going to have a gift like this. How fun is that?