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Buying your wedding dress is an adventure. Whether you’ve dreamed of a design your whole life and you go looking for it until the end of the world or you have no idea what style to choose, this is one of the most complicated purchases and most fun of our life.

To help you in this moment so father that you are living we share these 5 tips that many of our friends have worked:

  1. Budget

At this point of the planning of your wedding you know that everything is about entering the budget but of course, the dress occupies an important place in your list of priorities. Surely you already have thinking how much you can spend on your dress depending on how important it is for you.

There are many girls who do not mind spending a lot of money on just one dress and there are others who prefer to invest more money in their honeymoon than in their dress. So think about your priorities and with that in mind set a budget that we will try not to leave.

  1. Find your style

All the girls know well what type of dress looks better depending on our body type. Your wedding dress will not be the exception, although we should never close to try new designs. We recommend you look at pages of Melbourne wedding dresses or on Pinterest to give you an idea of ​​how you would like your dress, if you want it smooth, with pleats, white or pink, with rhinestones or without ornaments. Go putting an idea in your head to make it easier to locate what you want.


  1. Try a lot

It’s time to go to stores. Surely your ladies and your family will be happy to accompany you to the dress test. Go to all the stores where they sell in your city and try the ones that you like the most. At first do not look at the cost, the joke is to find your style and you feel comfortable in a design.

  1. Look for the discounts

Now that you’ve seen dress prices in stores, it’s time to start placing your dress on a budget. If you are lucky enough to try one that comes in your portfolio and you did it, buy it immediately. If not, you can see many options and ask if they will lower the price or if there will be any special sale.

The other option is, with a specific design in mind, go with your seamstress and ask how much she charges you for doing the same. You will be surprised at how cheap a dress made especially for you can be.

  1. Accessories

When you have seen the perfect dress and you have decided if you will buy it in the store or send it to do, you can start looking for the accessories you need. Depending on the cut we recommend you to wear long or short earrings, a comb or a necklace. And depending on your style dare to wear shoes of a contrasting color or a fun tennis.