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Finally he has attained the wondrous age of twenty one. Thus he is allowed to booze and other out of the box things. Thus, he certainly deserves a special gift. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for him, your struggle ends now. You can find some of the most amazing 21st birthday gift ideas for him in this article. Here are some of the unique birthday gifts, you can gift him on the eve of his 21st birthday:

Bluetooth headphones


This can be an out of the ordinary gift for music lovers on their 21st birthday. These bluetooth headsets have earned a high reputation in the past few years owing to the upcoming of a plethora of bluetooth enabled devices like tablets, smartphones. With the aid of these headphones, they will be able to do multitasking. They can speak over the phone while working. They can also do other activities while listening to music with the aid of this headphones.

Smart water bottles


Smart water bottles might be the most unique birthday gift for him on his 21st birthday. It is essentially a magic bottle which plays a vital role in tracking the intake of water. it is also helpful in maintaining a good health. It prevents dehydration which is one of the most prominent health issues. It gives a reminder while glowing in time that it is time to take a sip of water. At times, people may forget to drink adequate amount of water which may take a toll on their health. Henceforth, gifting this bottle may help in preventing dehydration.

Activity wristband


The age of twenty one is considered to be the perfect time to look fit and indulge in different fitness activities. Hence, a wireless activity wristband might be the ideal choice of gift for them. This wristband is helpful to the person in letting him be fit as it keeps a track of the different health and fitness activities. Thus, it will be beneficial to him in order to be motivated and be fit at all times. If you care about his fitness, it is a wonderful and thoughtful gift without a second thought.

Anti-theft backpack


The age of 21 is the time when they can go to explore different places, college excursion, to name a few. Hence, a backpack is crucial as it can be used for carrying a laptop and other belongings. You can opt for anti-theft backpack as he can carry it while going to different places. it is equipped with the lock over it. It comes with the digi code system which will be helpful in preventing a person to steal a bag. Thus, it is a great gift choice for keeping the thieves away.


Shaving bag case


There is no doubt in the fact that shaving gift sets are considered to be an excellent gift choice for a guy, who has attained an age of twenty one. it can be handy on a daily basis and also during travel. It is possible to carry all the shaving accessories in this bad in a safe manner. One of the most popular reasons owing to which this bag is known to be an ideal gift is due to the fact that it can be customized. Thus, you can get the initials of the recipient of the bag engraved on it.



Gone are the days when only women used to be fashion freaks. Bracelets have become the favorite accessory of men as well and surely they love them. You can choose a bracelet as an affordable gift for his 21st birthday. It is sure to confer a casual and smart outlook to him. The bracelets can go with all the outfits in a perfect manner. They play an indispensable role in adding edge to the appearance of the person.

Shooter glasses


Now that he has attained the age of twenty one years, it is the time to try shots of vodka, whiskey, tequila. For them, shooter glasses can be an ideal choice. They can make the perfect use of these glasses during house parties while taking shots of alcoholic drinks. These glasses are available online and offline at the most affordable prices.

I hope you like above birthday gift ideas. I would like to share some more 21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Him.