Seventeen For Couples

Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary. You have lived together for seventeen years. It is time to recall old memories of your married life. The best source to please your life-partner is a fantastic gift. Go to the market and buy a present according to his/her choice. Traditional 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift is gemstone-amethyst and citrine.

17th Weddin Anniversary Gift Ideas

The modern gift for this anniversary is Furniture. No matter which direction you choose for gift selection, your spouse is sure to fall in love with you. Here are few 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for couples to choose them easily.

Seventeen For Couples

Traditional 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Traditional Gifts for this anniversary are gemstones-amethyst and citrine. Necklace, rings, and earrings are made from these gemstones.

amethyst for couples

Amethyst Necklace For Couples

Amethyst Ring

Earings Of Gemstones

In past, Amethyst was very precious. But with the discovery of this stone in Brazil, it is no more expensive.

Citrine For 17th Anniversary

Citrine is the transparent gemstone, pale yellow color to brownish orange variety of quartz. Natural citrine is rare. Most citrines in the market are the heat treated results of amethyst.

Citrine Ring

In the market, citrine’s most popular shade is an earthy, deep, brownish or reddish orange color.About Citrine, some people believe that it diminish destructive tendencies by raising self-esteem and empowers the immune system. It is classed as a stone of abundance.

Yellow Color Flower Bouquet

Yellow is the traditional color for 17 Year wedding Anniversary. A bouquet of yellow roses is the best gift for this event.

Modern Gifts

Furniture is the modern gift for this milestone.  After 17 years, it may be possible that some furniture items in your home tired and have a bad condition. So it is a great idea to update or replace them with new high-quality latest items on this anniversary.

Modern Furniture

When you visit your spouse office, note the lack of items in his/her furniture or directly ask about the item required. Select a stylish piece from market according to her choice. Please avoid old designs to buy because old designs of furniture are mostly disliked. Pieces of Furniture must be made from high-quality materials, such as dining room table must be made from mahogany or lamp. So that it will be long life and your spouse will remember you when her eyes watch this item.

Following are few Furniture items which may be proved best 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift.

  • Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

  • Dining Room Table

Dining Table

  • Bed



  • Coffee Table

Coffee Table

  • Book Case

Book Vase For Wedding Anniversary Gift

Modern color for this anniversary is Turquoise but some couples prefer yellow for this anniversary. Turquoise Jewelry for this anniversary is a perfect gift.

If you are thinking about a dinner at a beach restaurant, it is also a great idea and presents her a Turquoise color dress to wear to this event.

Couples Dinner At Anniversary Couples Dinner


Jewelry in Turquoise colors such as necklace and diamond studs is an excellent gift for your wife. Special items such as a set of golf clubs or small electronics gifts (mobile phone, DVD, laptop) in Turquoise color are perfect presents.

More Common Gifts Ideas for All anniversaries

Flower Bouquet

As flowers are the symbol of love and care, so Bouquet of the flower is a common gift for all anniversaries. Present this gift when you will call your spouse to the dinner at the famous restaurant. Yellow follower shows the traditional taste of 17th wedding Anniversary. These are also the best return gift ideas for couples.

Photo Album For 17th Anniversary Photo Album

An album of your wedding is also a marvelous idea for your darling. Select the best pictures of your wedding and present them in an album. In this way, he/she will recall old memories of marriage.

Dress For 17th Anniversary Wedding Dress For Anniversary

Another great idea is a dress. Select a modern design dress for your wife and present her on this event. It is beast 17th Wedding Anniversary Gift.

These were popular ideas for 17th-anniversary gifts but you may choose any gift appropriate for your life partner. For more gift ideas, Anniversary Gift for Couples is the best place.