Indian weddings are a great ceremony for every couple. In India, people spend in lakhs to celebrate togetherness. It’s a three to four days event that is celebrated among family and friends. Shopping and planning’s are prepared for months. It starts with the sangeet, where the families of bride and the groom perform. The day after is the mehendi ceremony where the bride and her friends and family design mehendi on their palms. Lastly, comes the day of celebration, the day starts with the haldi ceremony. And finally the bride gets ready for her perfect day.

The top 10 things that happen when Indian weddings run late are-

  1. Shorter photo shoot– the only thing that keeps an Indian bride sane on their wedding day is the photo shoot. Bridal photo shoot is very important for both the bride and her friends and family. According to the wedding farmhouses in chattarpur, whenever a wedding runs late on time, the bride has to shorten the period of shoot. This is definitely never acceptable for the bride and she regrets it later.
  2. Shorter Baraat– Baraat is when the groom arrives to marry and take away the bride, the whole family of the groom play music and dance on their way. The groom rides a horse and enjoys the celebration. However, with a late wedding, the baraat needs to rush and therefore the dancing and the fun time are shortened.
  3. Short span of time to get ready– sometimes the makeup is the reason for running late and sometimes it’s the victim. A bride needs hours to get ready for their wedding. When the ceremony is already late in the clock, the bride gets less time to get ready which is again dreadful for the bride. As per the Gurgaon banquet halls, a bride got only 15 minutes to get ready on her reception.
  4. Less pictures with family– With an already running late wedding, the brides often complain about missing the opportunity of clicking the pictures with the family members and relatives coming half way across the world to attend their wedding.
  5. Few performances– every desi wedding has to perform in a wedding. Even the bride and the groom perform a dance for the audience. As stated by the wedding farmhouses in chattarpur, a late running wedding chops down the performances.
  6. Extension of cocktail hour– when the wedding is running late, often some ceremonies extend the cocktail hours to keep their guests busy. If the caterer takes time to get ready, it is common to extend the drinking hours.
  7. Delay in food service– often the common reason for late or delayed wedding is the rain. The sufferers are the ones that set up everything outdoors. In these cases, when the cocktail hours extend, the caterer is not prepared to feed the targeted number of people on time.
  8. Late dinner and extra charges– in many places, when the food is served late, the venue charges extra fines from the organizers.
  9. Late after parties- when the whole ceremony runs late, the after parties start at an late hour and many plans are ruined.
  10. Guests leave without having dinner- with the late dinners, many guests that comes from far places leave the venue. According to the Gurgaon banquet halls, due to the delayed dinner, many guests do not wait to have the dinner.

All of these can be fun when everything runs according to the plans. Indian weddings take a lot of time with all the rules and religious believing. Therefore, running late with any of the plans might turn up into series of unhappy endings.